Easilite uses mesh network technology so each Easilite module acts also as a repeater. Longer ranges can be achieved by using multiple Easilite units.

The EASILITE 1.0 is an easy to install lighting module that transforms an existing lighting system into a smart lighting system that is controlled by a smartphone through Bluetooth connectivity.


Smart & Connected

The smart lighting system is controlled through an iPhone or Android smart device via Bluetooth using a free software app. All software updates are free which means your lighting system is always easy to operate.

Compatible devices: iPhone 4S (or later), iPad 3 (or later), iPod Touch 5th Gen (or later) Android 4.4 KitKat (or later) devices produced after 2013 with full BT 4.0 support.

The Easilite 1.0 is a modular system that offers flexibility and is easily expandable. Each module unit can supply up to 50 Watts which is about 10 – 12 LED Fittings. Module units can be added to boost the amount of LEDs that need to be installed.

Registered Office: Easilite Ltd, 153 Brackaville Road, Coalisland, County Tyrone, BT71 4NL